Celebration Sunday – April 2019

Congratulations to our April Graduates

Congratulations to George Bunn on being the Reliable of the Month

Congratulations to James Clift Jr. on being our Client of the Month


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We took the guys to Big Dam Bridge for some fresh air and exercise!

Little Rock’s Spring Revival  April 1 – 5, 2019.

SHLR would like to thank Pastor Harris for such a great word from God. He blessed all of us!

You are welcome here anytime! Thank you Pastor Harris.


“Pastor Hill came and closed revival out just right. He came to let us know that God said that we are great no matter what any one says. We did what God called us to do and went forth with baptism. Our very own Reliable Coordinator, Robert Poulston, was first, plus many more guys.

Rob I love you and congratulations. Now lets go out and take back the inner cities as men of God!” – Pastor Eric Alexander

It was not even class time yet and these guys were already reading & studying their bibles

James Staffan leading praise & worship this morning in Little Rock

February Celebrate Sunday, Staff of the month Bobby Wall, Student of the month Tim Maloney, Reliable of the month Tyson Norswortthy, and for the 3rd month in a row; Dorm of the month-Dorm 3.

The guys enjoyed ice cream and cake this evening during Celebarte Sunday

Morning excersise class. Great hiking trails at the Little Rock Audubon Society this morning. (conveniently located blocks from our ministry)

Some colored pencils, markers, construction paper is all it takes a grown man to melt to a 10 year old again.(in a good way).

Good times in Little Rock this evening.

Awesome Celebration Sunday in Little Rock
Reliable of the Month – Richard Williams
Student of the Month – Carlton Robertson
Student Vol of the Month – Chris Heinrich

Sunday night Church Service 12/30/2018 & Reliable Meeting

“I was walking by Dorm 3 the other evening and the door was closed… Instant red flag! I walked in and found the guys circled up and praying over the pizza they won as Dorm of the Month.

They didn’t win because one or two people were bossy, they won out of group unity. That is the same unity that I just saw displayed before me, gathered together in Christ’ name. Moments like that make this job the best job ever. May we all look forward to those “worth it” moments in 2019.” – James Staffan

Safe Harbor of Little Rock staff got an early 3 a.m. start on Christmas morning. The clients got eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, hash browns, pancakes, biscuits & gravy, orange juice and coffee. Pretty sure Denny’s Grand Slam doesn’t give all that! It was a great morning to be able to serve!!!


We carried our Celebrate Sunday for December into our Christmas party for an extra full night of fellowship with clients and guests.Hats off to Reliable of the Month Willie Freeman & Student Volunteer of the Month, James Duff.

Pre dinner set up and beginning of our party in LR. Special thanks to all the award recipients for this year. Thank you to Sister Wilson, Greater Friendship Church, Heritage Church; to all a “Sheepfinder” trophy had been given.

Had an amazing dinner at the Staff Christmas Party. All the staff members at Safe Harbor of Little Rock would like to give a extra huge Thank You to Pastor Eric Alexander for putting on the “Christmas party of Christmas Parties”!

We had steaks and chicken, a gift exchange, awards and a personal favorite… Dirty Santa. Pastor Eric even hired a saxophone player to play for the duration of our event. There was a special appearance by Robert Poulston as well!

Thank you to all of our staff for another wonderful and blessed year!

Congrats are in order for the following…  Gary Wilson – Reliable Coordinator Extraordinaire & Staff Member of the Year!
Chaplain Virgil Taylor – Runner up Staff Member of the Year.  Jason Crone, Carl Williams, Anthony Rucker & James Staffan – Excellence Awards.

An extra special Thank You to Jarod Self for attending Safe Harbor of Little Rock’s Christmas party. Jarod is pretty much the Who’s who as far as ACC (Arkansas Community Corrections) goes. Jarod and his wife attended and had a fun time with Dirty Santa gift grab!

Little Rock is getting ready for Christmas! Great job decorating the Reliable office!

Thanksgiving 2018 in Little Rock

Thank you 3M for the cars and the 6 hams you gave to the men of Safe Harbor of Little Rock! May God bless your whole staff & their families!


Celebration Sunday in Little Rock!

Reliable of the Month – Michael Rawlinson
Student Volunteer of the Month – Phillip Matthews
Client of the Month – Ricky Mathew
Staff of the Month – Chaplain Virgil Taylor


New van headed to Safe Harbor of Little Rock! Thank you Taylor Bus Sales of Murray, KY!!!

We enjoyed a fun Harvest Party last night in Little Rock. We had spades, dominoes, ping pong & pool tournaments. And to top it off we even bobbed for apples!

Congrats to the winner of the Pool Tournament- Adam Taylor and to the winner of our ping pong tournament Jackie Haneberg, with a close runner up, Peter Ugu


Little Rock’s Fall Revival ended Saturday, and what a blessing the week has been. It ended with lives being transformed and new births into the Kingdom of God!


Join us for our Old Time Fall Revival Oct 15 – 20!

 Safe Harbor of Little Rock’s new salad bar!

Safe Harbor LR Pastor Eric Alexander & Pastor Virgil Taylor (Chaplain) at “It’s Story Time with the Pastors” in the Little Rock Area at Terry Elementary School. Reading is Fundamental!!!

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Partner of the Quarter for the 3rd Quarter of 2018: Stratton Seed Company – Stuttgart, AR

Stratton is one of our newest and front running partners. This company has made major strides with our partnership in a very short time. They are great with being patient, understanding clients challenges to adjust, and at training the clients according to their procedures.

Stratton Seed is looking to increase production soon with plans to utilize our services. This means a great deal to Safe Harbor of Little Rock. Salute Stratton Seed!!!!



Celebration Sunday for September! Awards & Birthdays! Congrats to everyone and Happy Birthday!

Preparing our collage with Prayers, Poems & Promises, all handwritten by our clients!
#good2great #IAmOne #SHLR

2018 Safe Harbor of Little Rock Pool Tournament Winner – Jeremiah Brown! He won $50 and a trophy. Congrats!

We had an awesome Labor Day at Little Rock with a little bit of work and a whole lot of food!

The blessings from the Lord are abundant in Little Rock! St. John Baptist Church Food Ministry has an overflow that they want to bless Safe Harbor with on a continual basis!

Thank you St. John Baptist Church and thank you Jesus!

#good2great #IAmOne #SHLR

Safe Harbor of Little Rock visited Dickey Steven Park for the ballgame Saturday night!

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Congrats to Tyson Norsworthy & Tommie Rivers on their accomplishments.

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Donations from Moody Chapel A.M.E Church of Little Rock, with more to come. We are beyond blessed and so thankful!

#good2great #IAmOne #SHLR

In Wednesday night class students wrote a poem, promise or prayer to be added to the collage board.

#good2great #IAmOne #SHLR

Representatives here to assist from Blackhawk Molding in Mayflower, AR. We are thankful and blessed to have such involved corporate partners!

#good2great #IAmOne #SHLR

Congratulations to our Reliable of the Month award recipients, Robert Bush & Robert Williams!

#good2great #iamone #shlr

Congratulations to our Reliable of the Month award recipients, Robert Bush & Robert Williams!

#good2great #iamone #shlr

Praise & Worship being led by Jerry Byers

Celebrating the life of Chaplain Chris Callahan

Little Rock’s 2nd Quarter Newsletter


If you haven’t been receiving our newsletters by email and are interested in getting them, please email mlyell@lhmm.org with your request.

7th Annual Safe Harbor of Little Rock Friends & Family Outing– over 250 people attended, 3 other transitional facilities attended and volunteered along with local ministers. We had Kim Blackshire, a local program director over a woman’s facility. Everyone said they had a great time. It’s was such a blessing to see all the students enjoying their kids and families!


Please welcome our new Chaplain at Safe Harbor of Little Rock, Virgil Taylor. We are honored to have you! #good2great #shlr

Memorial Day…
Is the day that’s set aside to remember with gratitude and pride all those who served and died for our country and for our freedom.
May your day be filled with memories and peace.
God Bless America!

We want to give a huge thank you to Taylor Bus Sales for their donation to Safe Harbor! What they have done has gone above and beyond what we could ever imagine! If you’re in need of a bus for transportation please give them a call and let them know that Safe Harbor sent you!


Safe Harbor of Little Rock Singing Group, The Revaluations

#good2great #shlr

Little Rock thanks you for your time Pastor Kyle. Thank you for blessing us with a great word from God, to do well with our portion that He has given us and to be a good steward over it.
#good2great #shlr


Congratulations to Reliable student of the Month Michael Battern!

#good2great #shlr


Congratulations to the student of the month of March Mr. Travis Miller!

#good2great #shlr



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Safe Harbor of Little Rock has teamed up with Corky’s for our annual Boston Butt fundraiser, & this year there’s more delicious products offered!

Deadline to order & pay is March 21, 2018. Pickup day is March 29, 2018. To order please call 501-374-5399.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Safe Harbor! Without the generous contributions of such great companies and people, we would not be able to help the lives of so many.

#good2great #shlr

Little Rock is getting a new roof! Please visit our Mission Updates page to see more!

Safe Harbor of Little Rock would like to congratulate Julio Davis with Reliable of the Month for the month of January. Mr Davis work’s for Baptist Hotel. He has worked for 3 1/2 month’s without missing any days and Ms. Mona loves his work.
Keep up the good work Mr. Davis. #good2great #shlr

The Governor’s Cook donating Breakfast to Safe Harbor of Little Rock!

Blackhawk Molding is one of our premier partners, and we will go to any lengths to all we can to help meet their objectives. 2 men have been hired on there for over 2 years, we awarded them with a certificate and $50

Pre-Trip inspections with the Pastor,Mr.Booth and Patterson, to make sure the vans were ready and safe for the guys to travel in!

#good2great #shlr

Donations just received from Primrose Methodist Church they love what we are doing and is always willing to help us thanks so much Primrose God is moving in so many ways to have to prepare to receive these blessing.

Pictures of the men using their gift cards they got for Christmas to buy clothes from Burlington Coat Factory. Seeing their smile is why we do this! To God be the glory. #good2great

These are the true wise men. They came to the altar because they realize that this life is only manageable with God at the head of it, without him there is nothing. We welcome them to the body of Christ. Thank you Pastor Eric for blessing us as a whole all Safe Harbor Ministries.

Safe Harbor Little Rock Admin Christmas Party

Pastor Eric has the popcorn machine going wide open! It’s hug your pastor day here in Little Rock!

Thank you to Ring Container Technologies in Little Rock for blessing the men of Safe Harbor with Donations for Christmas! When God moves, He really moves! #good2great

Safe Harbor of Little Rock would like to congratulate Carl Williams for Student Volunteer of The Year. #good2great

Safe Harbor of Little Rock would like to congratulate Jerry Byers for Watchman of the Year. #good2great

Safe Harbor of Little Rock would like to congratulate Gary Wilson with Employee of the Year. Mr. Wilson is a real blessing to Little Rock. #good2great

“As we were breaking bread and just watching the guys enjoying this beautiful meal that God blessed us with, it really put a smile on my face and warms my heart. This is why I do what I do and thank God for this chance to serve his people. The pleasure is truly mine.” – Gary Wilson, Little Rock Program Coordinator

Invisible box challenge at Christmas Party

Christmas Party 2017

Students received a new pair of shoes from Soul 4 Shoes and a gift card from Burlington’s. God was so good to Little Rock!

Christmas shopping for Safe Harbor of Little Rock! #good2great

$20.17 can change a life… Pledge A Plate & Operation Piece by Piece

The holidays are upon us and we are so blessed to be able to serve those who are at Safe Harbor. This is a season that we know is full of plans & we know that you (and your finances) are stretched & pulled in many directions. We ask that you would consider stretching a bit further for those who have so very little.

The Thanksgiving Meal, Christmas Meal & Gifts that our participants receive from our organization is often time their first in years. While we provide meals daily, we will be having Thanksgiving & Christmas meals for approximately 400 people. Your monetary donation of $20.17, or the amount you can give, is appreciated, valued and is so helpful in providing a gateway of ministry to the lost.

You can donate in 3 easy ways.
1) Donate directly with Paypal – go to www.Paypal.Me/TheLighthouse

2) Email safeharbordonations@yahoo.com and request a mail in form

3) Call 901-382-8106 to make a donation over the phone

Thank you for your prayers, continued support & for blessing others! #good2great #pledgeaplate #operationpiecebypiece

3rd Quarter Newsletter

Safe Harbor of Little Rock would like to congratulate Michael Williams for Student of the Month

Safe Harbor of Little Rock would like to congratulate Jeffery Davis for Reliable of the Month. Mr. Davis work’s for Baptist Central Laundry

Safe Harbor of Little Rock received a huge blessing last night. Pastor Zack preached a amazing word.God has truly touched this young man. I hope all everyone will get a chance to hear this young man!


Safe Harbor of Little Rock would like to recognize Gary Wilson for his outstanding dedication to this Ministry. He is a true man of God. My hats of to you Mr. Wilson. #good2great

Safe Harbor of Little Rock would like to take a minute to recognize a few students for doing a outstanding job, Curtis Goodwin and Timothy Cotten. Since they got to Safe Harbor they have been taking care of Gods house. May God keep blessing them. #good2great

Pastor Eric Alexander – thank you for all you do and for obeying God! #good2great

Staff member of the week Robert Poulston does a great job as reliable coordinator and he really deserves this! Keep moving forward!!! #good2great

Safe Harbor of Little Rock out at the Travlers Game on Saturday! We had a great time, plus great seats! Thankful


Reliable of the Month for July 2017 was awarded to Isaac Scott who works for Blackhawk Molding. He has been in the program since March 9, 2017. He has never had a write up, goes to all classes, and spreads positivity to the other participants.

Safe Harbor of Little Rock Student of the Month for July 2017 is Jody Elms. Jody is an outstanding student, he volunteers in the kitchen and holds down a 40 hour a week job. Congratulations!


2017 2nd Quarter Newsletter

You will never thirst of the Lord, but it’s hot today. Taking the guy’s some gatorade on a hot day. Just showing them how much we care. 



Little Rock Graduates – The first of 2017!

Kevin Mason

Robert Poulston

Russell Phillips

Graduation Party 2017


The whole Safe Harbor group in our photo after the Graduation.  We are a family serving God!

Kitchen Manager & volunteers preparing the food for the party

Graduation Party Prep

Reliable of the Quarter for Little Rock is Mr. Ricky Ezell. Ricky works for NLR grounds. Mr. Ezell is scheduled to Graduate in September. This is our very first time ever doing this for the quarter. Each student was given a certificate, ceremony and $100.00 for their achievement!

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One of our partners, Baptist Central Laundry, recognized one of our Faithwork’s employees Friday with a certificate of appreciation award for going above and beyond his job duties. Congratulations & thank you for your outstanding work Mr. Robert Gray!

Congratulations to Adolfo Carvajal on being Student of the Month for May 2017!

Little Rock Staff Meeting! Memorizing Bible Versus before meeting begins!


** July 4th Boston Butt Fundraiser!! **

We are raising money to buy new mattresses for each Safe Harbor and the men and Women we Serve. These are Top of the Line Tempur Pedic mattresses that we have been blessed with the opportuiinty to receive for a VERY, VERY low price of $57.00 each. If you have ever shopped for them, you know what they run!

If you would like to order a Boston Butt and live in Memphis, Nashville, Clarksville, Tn or Little Rock, Arkansas, the pick up date will be June 29, 2017 between 4pm and 6pm unless you specify another time and we can accommodate it.

These Butts are Flash Froze after cooked and are good for 6 months. You can also purchase a bottle of BBQ Sauce for $3.00. If you cant or wont be able to get a butt and would like to donate, you can click on the link below and donate either $30.00 or you can buy a mattress for $57.00. Or you can buy as many mattresses as you wish. All donations are tax deductible!

We are raising money to buy new mattresses for each Safe Harbor and the men and Women we Serve. These are Top of the Line Tempur Pedic mattresses that we have been blessed with the opportunity to receive for a VERY, VERY low price of $57.00 each. If you have ever shopped for them, you know what they run to help them even more in their recovery and getting their lives back in order.

The link for the donation page is- http://www.safeharborevent.com/donation-page.html

All orders must be paid for no later than June 20, 2017! Thanks as always!
We are raising money to buy new mattresses for each Safe Harbor and the men and Women we Serve. These are Top of the Line Tempur Pedic mattresses that we have been blessed with the opportunity to receive for a VERY, VERY low price of $57.00 each. If you have ever shopped for them, you know what they run!

Revival in Little Rock May 2017

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14. Shop at smile.amazon.com & Amazon will donate to Lighthouse Mission Ministries, Inc!

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Congratulations Sterling Wulff!

2017 1st Quarter Newsletter for Little Rock

“If you give a man a fish, he will eat for today. If you can teach a man how to fish, he can eat for a lifetime… We seek to teach our men & women how to fish so that they can eat for a lifetime” ~ Brad Bowie

Take a few minutes and enjoy our latest video on what Safe Harbor does for men & women in and around Memphis, Nashville & Clarksville, TN and Little Rock, AR.

As always, thank you to everyone who supports, volunteers, partners with and prays for Safe Harbor & Lighthouse Ministries.


#safeharbormemphis #safeharbornashville #safeharborclarksville #safeharborlittlerock #battleinthesaddle

2017 Battle in the Saddle – Race for the Homeless

Jan 20 – 22, 2017 Safe Harbor Battle in the Saddle took over Tunica, MS. This was our 3rd year in Tunica and the show proved to be a huge blessing. We had over 1000 entries from contestants all over the southeast, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri & Indiana. Along with the great added money that was made possible by our sponsors, we also hosted the KK Productions Run for Vegas. This is a race for girls 16 years & under to qualify for their shot to run at the prestigious finals held in Las Vegas.

We are excited at the opportunities that will come from this race. As we tell our contestants, they are helping to change lives one run at a time. Thank you to all who have and who continue to support Safe Harbor!

At Safe Harbor, we consider it a privilege to serve the men and women in our care. These participants have come to us from living in the streets or ex-offenders that needed somewhere to go. We strive to provide them with so much more than food and shelter—we strive to make a lasting difference through group and pastoral counseling, life building classes, and finding them permanent employment which provides stability once they leave our care.
Would you consider partnering with us to make a lasting impact? We appreciate your support and pray that God will bless you as you have blessed!

If you are here because of the itworks CHALLENGE –
thank you for supporting our cause!
To see how to take the challenge yourself click on the ItWorks logo above
and watch the video of our president take the challenge. Don’t forget to donate below!

Ways to Donate:
–Make check payable to Safe Harbor and mail to:
PO Box 22792
Memphis, TN 38122

–By Credit Card Call 901.382.8106

–Use PayPal on this website


Thank you to our Reliable Partners – this program would not be successful without your support!


2018 Safe Harbor of Little Rock Statistics: 
Men Employed – 332
Taxes Paid – $161,930.95      Child Support Paid – $23,640.64

2017 Safe Harbor of Little Rock Statistics:
Men Housed – 256        Men Employed – 237        Meals Served – 280,320
Taxes Paid – $134,678.65          Child Support Paid – $29,300.25

2016 Safe Harbor of Little Rock Statistics

Men Housed: 321     Men Employed: 257    Meals Served: 82,125

Taxes Paid: $184,925.50    Child Support Paid: $23,017.40

2015 Safe Harbor Church of Little Rock Statistics

Men Housed: 440 – Men Employed: 352 – Meals Served: 481,880

Taxes Paid: $243,969.71 – Child Support Paid: $19,688.91