“When I first arrived at Safe Harbor, I had my doubts. I just wanted to do my 90 days and be gone. However, after I got into the program I noticed some things I needed to change about myself that I had not noticed until I got here and started to get involved. Safe Harbor helped me to renew my relationship with God and has given me a new sense about what my life means and whom I should be serving in my life.

Safe Harbor has also helped me restore my self confidence and self respect, something I had lost being a convicted felon. This place has also given me the necessary tools that I can use throughout my life that will allow me to be a successful citizen in society and most importantly a better Christian man.”

– Tyson Norsworthy

“I arrived at Safe Harbor on April 17, 2018 with a desire for change, had no idea it was a Faith based program, but God knew what I needed for where I was in my life.

The staff at Safe Harbor was very helpful in making me feel welcome and reassuring me that what I’m looking for in my life can be accomplished here.
They were very confident in the structure of their program with rules & regulations to get you ready to be a productive member of society and to get a good relationship & foundation with Christ. The program taught me to get out of my own way and give it to God. It can not be done without Him. I’ve gained a new relationship with my family and children. Safe Harbor put me back on track to fulfill my purpose in life.

Special thanks to Pastor Eric and all staff who played a roll in my recovery. And a very special thanks to the students at Safe Harbor, without their so familiar stories I wouldn’t have been able to understand that I was not alone. Thank you again Safe Harbor Staff & Students!” – Byron Thomas

“Hello, my name is Robert Cheater. I am so glad that I chose Safe Harbor as the facility of my choice, out of the many options. The structure was the first thing that I noticed about the program when I first got here.  This has been a “Life Changer” thus far, and I was blessed to get a job the 2nd week I was here.

I am able to save money, so that when I transition back home I won’t go home “empty handed”, but can contribute to the welfare of my family.

Safe Harbor has helped me a lot, I now do things a lot different. This place has shown me how to change, and change in a good way.

I have found my Lord, and I’m so happy he put me in a place like this.

Thank you, Safe Harbor, for all the things you’ve done for me, and thank you Pastor.”

“I paroled here from ACC in Little Rock. I have been at Safe Harbor for 90 days. I am fully employed & believing in Christ. Safe Harbor has helped me to get my driver’s license, redirect my mind and get into a great relationship with my family. I look forward to stability, patience, being more encouraging and spiritual each day & being more productive in the community. I plan on enrolling in Theology school and becoming a minister.” – Gardner Zachery


September 3, 2011
Graduate Testimony – George VanZandbergen
After receiving a DWI in 2010, George lost his license, job, and tried to commit suicide. While staying in a VA hospital, his major shared with him about our faith-based recovery support program. George had previously completed a 12 step program but was missing the vital component, spiritual support. George is a recent graduate of Safe Harbor Church of Little Rock. As his relationship with Christ developed, he began to release control of his life and viewed difficult situations in a godly perspective. Before attending Safe Harbor, VanZandbergen had not spoken to his family for some time, however now he communicates with his children and close relatives regularly both by phone and through social networking sites. After serving in the military for 20 years and losing what he had worked for to addiction, he has regained his desire to serve the community and also encourage others by sharing what he has learned.

George Vanzanbergen Grad Pic