A Day at Safe Harbor

 Clients are training to return to the workforce from Intake; most re-enter the workplace at 15 to 30 days provided their drug screening is negative (some drug metabolites take 30 days to clear) and they have a personalized written relapse prevention plan.

2As a condition of their participation in the Nehemiah Program clients must participate in preparation to return to work; each must also help take care of the facility as part of their training. Work Program Specialists observe their work and coach them on teamwork and work quality.

3Personal Time: Clients have personal time which they use for personal study, rest, or recreation. A recreation room as well as a library and basic fitness equipment is available. Recovery Recreation activities vary by location and typically include movie, museum, sports, camping, or other events of interest that are designed to teach clients that it is possible to enjoy activities without using drugs or alcohol.